Large Format Contemporary Art


Battle On

Battle On

5 New Paintings By Angela Gebhardt

Kiss Series

PRICE OF A MEMORY … painting by kris gebhardt

Price Of A Memory

Video ArtExpo Miami + Solo Gebhardt Gallery & Studio

Gebhardt Gallery Video @ ArtExpo Miami + Solo

Gebhardt Gallery Video @ ArtExpo Miami + Solo


Big Muscles Showcase At ArtExpo Miami + Solo … Show Concludes



Miami Art Show Sizzles with BIG Art, BIG Muscles, BIG Bodies and BIG Sex Appeal (with a little Grit on the side) Source: American Banking and Market News, Nov 26 2012, 10:08am CST

Gebhardt @ ArtExpo Miami + Solo (Video)

Gebhardt Gallery & Studio @ ArtExpo Miami Video


Gebhardt @ Booth #313 Artexpo Miami + Solo December 5 – 9

Muse Wife Project @ Artexpo Miami + Solo

Gebhardt @ MIAMI ArtExpo + SOLO Dec 5-9, 2012

48 Photograph – 44″ by 58″ – Interview

orecchino d’oro – photograph 40″ by 60″ – gebhardt

Why Do You Do Such Large Photographs? – Interview Kris Gebhardt

Una Donna Bella il Cuore E Sacra – 40″ by 72″ oil on canvas – Angela Gebhardt

Painted Photographs – alegna 3691 – Mixed Media 36″ by 24″ – Gebhardt

Lipstick Junkies Paintings By Angela Gebhardt Summer 2012 @ Mozzaria 4th St Live Downtown Louisville

Woman With Dog By Artist Kris Gebhardt Headed To Fall Miami Art Show Makes Stop At MOZZ Restaurant Downtown Louisville (Photograph 71″ by 56″ – Exhibit Spring – Summer)

Beauty & Beast 54″ by 72″ oil on canvas by kris gebhardt

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Beauty Would Anyone Remember Your Fame… (Photograph by Kris Gebhardt)

Current Gebhardt Art Exhibit Show @ MOZZ Downtown Louisville Headed To Downtown Cincinnati This Fall

Artist Interview — Kris Gebhardt

Red Shoes – Muse Wife Project … Photograph 43″ by 62″ by Kris Gebhardt

FotoMuse Iphone APP – By WebUrban LLC & Kris Gebhardt

He’s superman and this is his show … Mixed Media … 44″ by 44″


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