June Gallery Hop Highlights

Thanks to everyone who came out for the hop!  There was quite a crowd Friday.  The pieces that caused a stir on June 2’s gallery opening were new and some had been seen before.  The most controversial seemed to be Jarret Marshall’s ‘Mortal Coil’ mixed media installation.

Jarret's Mixed Media. 'Mortal Coil'

This is just one of the first pieces of an ongoing concept that will be prominently featured in the gallery’s October and November ‘Dark Side’ exhibit.  ‘Mortal Coil’ represents a view on the subject of child abuse and neglect.

While this piece might’ve startled people , ‘Diamond’ helped bring people into the gallery from the street along with a similar, but smaller, photograph ‘Sultry’ on an easel facing the window-shoppers on the street.  These are Kris Gebhardt’s signature photography of his wife Angela Gebhardt.

Kris Gebhardt's 'Diamond'
Kris Gebhardt's 'Sultry'

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