New Story Behind the Art: Be You!

Be You!

‘Be You!’ tells the audience to be who you are despite what society might think. In constructing the mixed media piece, it’s become the Gebhardt Marshall Gallery’s mantra. The majority of people get up in the morning and cloak who they really are with what their society wants them to be. They become what others expect from them. When this happens the person usually becomes unfulfilled because they’re out in a world that would otherwise reject them. Angela Gebhardt represents this by proudly being a woman in her forties with children who takes gorgeous photographs in lingerie. By doing this she tells the world that those people who would hold you in contempt for doing what you feel comfortable doing are the same exact people that shouldn’t you be around in the first place. The Gebhardt Marshall Gallery feels that if an artist censors themselves for the sake of majority approval they lose the essence of being an artist and become a carbon copy of everybody else. ‘Be You!’ puts this into perspective.


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