Gallery Gets Exposure at Indianapolis MotorGP Race

Photo developed with FotoMuse v1.2 iPhone app

Gallery owners Kris and Angela Gebhardt took their Fotomuse V1.2 Racer promo motorcycle to Indianapolis this past weekend to promote their Iphone photography app and the Gebhardt Marshall Gallery.  The Fotomuse V1.2 was on display both Friday and Saturday nights in downtown Indianapolis at Monument Circle for the Motorcycles On Meridian Event.  The event, which started at 7:00 pm and lasted until 3:00 am both nights, drew thousands of motorcyclists and spectators.  Motorcycles  On Meridian was sponsored by Red Bull (now the 3:00 am time makes more sense).

Fotomuse V1.2 also made it to the infield at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was parked on display during Saturday’s MotoGP qualifying event and Sunday’s race.  Thousands of the best motorcycles lined the parking areas around the Motor-speedway hall of fame, showcasing impressive machines.


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