Kris’ New Iphone App; FotoMuse Gebhardt Collection, won’t be available on Itunes Anytime Soon!

Apples new policy not approving apps with “sexual content or other material deemed racy” may challenge the art world.  Artists may have their work censored and deemed explicit and/or racy!
This, of course, stirs the age old argument of ‘Is it art or is is porn?’, a debate that’s been ongoing since art and pornography became a part of he human civilization.  And both have followed humans around for millennia.
Although Kris would like his app to be out in the world, his view is optimistic on this Apple censoring situation.  “Actually I’m kind of flattered my art has been labeled  “too stimulating.”   It means I’m doing something right in the dark room!”  He also goes on to say that, “blanket policy, one size fits all, never works.  Of course ‘art’ is not pornography or smut!  Apples policy should be switched to good judgment by its approval process personnel.”  Instead of seeing the world in black and white, artists tend to see the world in a varying spectrum with lots of colors in between.  The only sure thing in life is variation and this is especially true when it comes to the art world.

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