Terry Lymon’s The Curse of Corruption

“A hard-working Christian man who has a great respect for the law is working late on his job as a janitor when he witnesses the brutal massacre of seven men. He is never seen by the killers, but the following morning the killings make headline news. It is during a news report that the janitor realizes that the faces he witnessed massacring those men were the ones he was now seeing on television. How could it be? The men on the television had badges The janitor’s decision to report what he saw leads to a death spiral of events that no one could see coming—especially the police.”

Mr. Lymon tells us about his story, “It is based on some things that I experienced as a state police. But, the story is strictly fiction.”  And goes on to explain his past and future career, This is not my first book.  It will succeed this one hopefully. The unpublished work is extremely controversial. In this particular book I am saying what other people are thinking but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say them.”


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