Ain’t No Crying To Your Momma


Ain’t No Crying To Your Momma  Mixed Media 73″ by 46″

This Kris Gebhardt painting is a picture-book pep talk in mixed media. Whether looking for life-skills, business advice or lessons in endurance, this work fills the bill. No matter the situation, Ain’t No Crying To Your Momma is the nudge (read: kick in the ass) needed to fight back and persevere.

Gebhardt didn’t really have anything in mind when he stood in front of the 73” tall x 46” wide canvas. As he worked on the background, slowly the “90 pound weakling” began to take shape. Lithe and muscular, the subject’s eye patch and missing tooth indicate that he’s been beaten up. Perhaps he started his own business, began an acting career or just got his first job out of College, only to realize that life is never as easy as it seems. “Early failure,” according to Gebhardt “is far more valuable than early success.”

Like many of Gebhardt’s heroes, our fighter is dressed in the marquise pattern (or jester’s clothing) and clearly has some choices to make. Is he going to be the fool and get clobbered? Probably, but what he does with this experience is what matters. Does he go in for round two, or does he go “crying to his momma?” Each person faces this same dilemma after failure, heartbreak and disappointment. Is it time to back it up and start all over? Maybe time to pack it in. But, wimping out — as evidenced by the title — is never the answer.

Featured @ Red Dot Art Show Miami Nov 30 – Dec 4, 2016

Red Dot Miami


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