KRAIGO Skulls Upon You

The Kids (series by Kris Gebhardt) Painting 1

Kraigo: Skulls Upon You Mixed Media 78″ by 50″

 Gebhardt’s son from his first marriage, Kraig, has a spirit that fills a room, making it nearly impossible to depict him on anything smaller than this 78” x 50” canvas. In the Gebhardt standard mixed media, Kraig appears as a gunslinger. A no-nonsense, ass-kicker with a database of names on his bad-side and the sensibilities from another era. A clear-cut vision of what’s right and wrong. 

Born in 1985, Kraig’s early life was filled with the turmoil of his parents’ failing marriage and subsequent financial troubles. From the ashes of conflict arose a numbers-smart, tough kid, armed with the will and the skill to persevere through launching his own business that was eventually consumed by a failing economy, then resuscitated with a never die determination. The figure exhibits broad shoulders to do the heavy lifting that his life has required, and a sidearm for an extra dose of muscle. Don’t cross him or his family unless you want to “swing from the rafters” — note shell of a man literally hanging in the background.


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