Edge of Town By Kris Gebhardt @ ArtExpo Las Vegas Jan 27 – 31 2018

By Kristie L. Smith Nikitin, freelance writer & art enthusiast 

Edge of Town is Kris Gebhardt’s pictorial tale of a small town that prospered in the middle of Midwestern farmers’ fields. Pictured in this mixed-media gem is one bad ass hombre who lives just passed the general store, blacksmith’s shop and mill, out where the earth starts to undulate with massive fields that are green in the spring and golden at the harvest. 

Inspired by years spent training with the Heartland hero, music legend John Mellencamp, overtures of Rain on the Scarecrow verses swirl in the background. Our cowboy is packing heat and protecting the burning home fires, while tending to crops and animals. 
Today the gunslinger isn’t managing heirloom fields and fighting foreclosure by the bank, but escaping cookie cutter McMansions in search of fresh air and that clean country living. Mission? To protect the homestead from encroaching government regulation and the modern day marauding invaders of door-to-door sales hacks, nosey neighbors and all around general look-y-loos. 
Edge Of Town

70″ by 50″ mixed media

Since its launch in 2005, Las Vegas Market has become one of the largest trade buyer markets in the United States—and Artexpo is joining the party! Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas’ vibrant art scene, Artexpo offers exhibitors exposure to the most diverse and unique industry sales and marketing platform in the Western U.S. and provides trendsetting buyers access to the most modern and contemporary artists and innovators in the world.


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