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Atlantis By Angela Gebhardt Installation


Art In The Spa


Thank You For Visiting Gebhardt Gallery @ SPECTRUM NYC!


Angela Gebhardt – Spectrum New York – Oct 3 – 6


Angela Gebhardt – Recent Commissioned Work


GEBHARDT GALLERY & STUDIO – Soothe My Soul – December 4 – 8 @SPECTRUM – Midtown Miami

Soothe My Soul

JUST HANGING DESTITUTE by gebhardt @ ArtExpo New York, March 21 – 24, 2013 Pier 92, NYC

Gebhardt at ArtExpo New York

Video ArtExpo Miami + Solo Gebhardt Gallery & Studio

Gebhardt Gallery Video @ ArtExpo Miami + Solo

Gebhardt Gallery Video @ ArtExpo Miami + Solo


Big Muscles Showcase At ArtExpo Miami + Solo … Show Concludes



Miami Art Show Sizzles with BIG Art, BIG Muscles, BIG Bodies and BIG Sex Appeal (with a little Grit on the side) Source: American Banking and Market News, Nov 26 2012, 10:08am CST


Opening Night Preview Dec 4th 6 – 10pm

Gebhardt @ MIAMI ArtExpo + SOLO Dec 5-9, 2012

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Beauty Would Anyone Remember Your Fame… (Photograph by Kris Gebhardt)

Current Gebhardt Art Exhibit Show @ MOZZ Downtown Louisville Headed To Downtown Cincinnati This Fall

Red Shoes – Muse Wife Project … Photograph 43″ by 62″ by Kris Gebhardt

FotoMuse Iphone APP – By WebUrban LLC & Kris Gebhardt

He’s superman and this is his show … Mixed Media … 44″ by 44″

He’s a superman and this is his show — mixed media 44″ by 44″

DON’T PASS OBESITY ON TO THE NEXT GENERATION 45″ x 54″ photograph by kris gebhardt

Explicit Content — 36″ by 41″ Photograph by Kris Gebhardt

48 yr old washed up jock — 31″ by 66″ print by angela gebhardt

Addicted To A Certain Kind Of Madness (photograph 33″ by 43″)


Mice Away Cat Can Play! (photograph 38″ by 60″)


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